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My Shelter Needs Help!

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Just for the record, dudes, I don’t hate silly ships? I do them myself and they’re fun as heck the other day livingylvis I were talking about Fluttershy/Benson. You can’t say it wouldn’t be cute! Everyone has the right to crack ship as much as they want! My only beef with the whole Godecai situation was the “I’m above all this” attitude it reeked of (which I doubt that was intentional in the first place)

So, crack ship away, friends! It’s all in good fun!

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Idk dude, something doesn’t sit well with me when show creators and writers make fun of shipping, fanfics, OCs and the such.

Because for one, those are tools used by many kids and teenagers to explore their own creativity and themselves. I’ve seen great writing that rivals a lot…

Umm… I don’t think Owen is making fun of us. He said he’s only doing it for fun. Besides, everyone’s taking it as a joke. He even said that it’s fine that we ship/crack ship however we like. Why can’t he do it too?

No, no, you misunderstood what I meant. I didn’t mean it as he shipping a thing was making fun of us. As you said, he’s cool with it and crack shipping is a pretty fun thing to do, of course show writers have a right to play with it just like us! In fact, I actually thought the first Godecai post was pretty funny. What rubbed me the wrong way was Owen’s attitude about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that he had any malice doing it or wanted to consciously mock his fanbase. But he came off as… a little condescending? His descriptions sounded infantile, he dropped phrases like “the tension between them”, made his own self-insert OC with a tragic backstory…. you know, basically mimicking things a young fan does and I don’t think that’s a very nice thing to do.

I don’t hold it against Owen because he’s a pretty cool guy, a very talented writer and because I don’t think it was his intention. I just felt a little disappointed at how far he pushed that “my OTP! OMG!” thing when so many young people “guilty” of those things look up to him.
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Ylvis sending a “Hi” to Brazil and speaking portuguese.

Eu fico até emocionada quando eu proporciono momentos como esse hahahahaha livingylvis tetedetele ylvisucka boredomandsobriety


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Ylvis made a new song and it’s as as great as you’d expect

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Posted 4 days ago

My sleep deprivation hit a new low last night when my cat pooped in the litter box and I shushed the smell as it was a noise.

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Posted 6 days ago

Oh my God, you guys. I still can’t believe it myself, but here it goes…


OK, so it was so awesome because this school was funded by the guy behind Ice Age and Rio and his crew and as soon as I got there they had all this amazing movie memorabilia and signed posters and I was hella nervous and kind of wanting to touch everything?

So then this very very nice lady comes and she shows me around the school and they have all those awesome labs and light tables and she tells me how former students go on to work on big movies like The Princess and the Frog and I’m freaking out inside because that’s all I ever wanted right?

then we sit down and talk and I tell her I’m very interested in character design and my mom goes into proud parent mode and tells her all about how I draw since I was a little kid and how I took it after my painter grandmother and all about the OCs I had when I was 13 and she wants to see some of my art so I show her some sketches and she likes them?? Like she really likes them, so I show some of my finished stuff on here on my cellphone and at first I’m a little ashamed since I haven’t had much time to work on big stuff and it’s mostly doodles and fanart but she was like

"Oh my, is that Regular Show? I love Regular Show!"

And she tells me that my art is pretty advanced and if I get in I’d definitely skip some grades??? so I’m super pumped and it’s time to take the test and I’m nervous as hell because all I know about animation is self taught but I take it anyway


I got 80 percent.

They called me and say they’re super pleased with my test and they want me to start on Monday

I still can’t believe it I’m still shocked this is my dream right here. I had a super shitty day yesterday because of my father but now I can’t stop smiling and I also cried a little this is the best thing to have ever happened to me

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OK, so I have the most amazing thing to tell you guys.

A few months ago, (you know, before things went downhill money-wise) I looked into animation classes, since the only proper animation school in my country is government funded and those are incredibly hard to get into in normal circumstances, so for someone with a learning disorder like me, it’s not even an option. Anyway, the classes were too expensive even then so I dropped the idea.

Yesterday, someone from the place
called me. They chose random people who called interested in joining but declined because of the price to take a test. Depending on their score, they can get a scholarship. And I was selected!

I’m freaking out because this might be my only opportunity to learn animation as long as I live in this country. The test is in a few minutes. Please please please send me good vibes! This here can change my life!

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I don’t think I have mentioned it yet, but little Finn is doing better! Last time i talked about him, he had just been hospitalized with a high fever and pain on the chest area. Well, they ran tests and it was discovered the reason for his never-ending sniffles wasn’t kennel cough as the other cats; he has rhinotracheitis. We also discovered Finn has an abnormally low antibody count and his heart is a little bigger than normal. We’re not sure of what this means exactly, so he’ll be tested further.

He’s back home now, we moved him to another room and started him on a new medication as the vet ordered. Gladly, he’s already back to his bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, troublemaking self. 

Look at his pretty face. Finn says hi!

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Hello! Currently, me and my family have raised around $90 from six wonderful people who donated. It really makes a difference!

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      Ylvis släpper nya låtar och skriver kontrakt med Universal Music - Universal Music Sweden




Ylvis sign w Universal. New song on Tuesday! W Stargate!!!

8 new songs this fall. EIGHT NEW SONGS. WOHOOO