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My Shelter Needs Help!

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I used to really like the Fairly OddParents when I was younger, but the Jimmy Timmy Power Hour movie always bothered me a bit because look

The Fairly OddParents crew really put effort in making the Jimmy Neutron characters don’t lool out of place in-universe while still making them look like themselves

And then on the opposite side, they do this

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Idk dude, something doesn’t sit well with me when show creators and writers make fun of shipping, fanfics, OCs and the such.

Because for one, those are tools used by many kids and teenagers to explore their own creativity and themselves. I’ve seen great writing that rivals a lot of actual books on fanfics. I’ve seen great characterization in fanworks that give the official writers a run for their money.

And then some grown ass dude comes all like “I ship this! Haha they’re my OTP! SYKE, I don’t! Those silly children and their ships, am I right? Original character do not steal lol”

Like, wow man, you get to write original material that inspires kids to do their own derivative stuff and you make fun of them. Way to go.

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      Help Me Feed My Animals!   


Hi, everyone.

As many of you already know from interacting with me and my sister, our family runs a small, non-profit animal shelter in our house. We currently home 15 dogs and 25 cats, many of whom are disabled or cannot be rehomed for different reasons. (Chronic illness, violent behavior, etc.) Here are some of our babies.

Recently, we ran into deep financial trouble. We had to lay off our only helper and we’re doing everything on our own. It’s a pretty big space and with that many animals, there’s a lot to do. We practically clean non-stop. To make matters worse, we finally reached a point where we aren’t able to feed them and medicate them appropriately anymore. To put things into perspective, we ran out of cat litter and we have no idea when we’ll be able to buy some.

We’re all looking for jobs to do in addition to the housework, but these things don’t happen overnight. In the meantime, we need to keep feeding them, buying epilepsy medicine and paying a chemotherapy treatment for one of the dogs. We’re also handling some cases of kennel cough.

We need help. I set up a Paypal account and you can donate through this link. Any amount makes a difference, really! If you can’t donate, please reblog this so it reaches more people. This means the world to me and to my family. Thank you so much!

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Posted 2 days ago

YAAAY, THANK YOU! Well, technically it was yesterday, but it still counts!


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Posted 2 days ago

Yooo! Thanks, dude!

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Thank you so much, friend! 

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Posted 2 days ago

Ahh thank you! It hasn’t been that good, but you guys certainly made it better!

Have some cuddly birds~

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Posted 2 days ago

Thanks, friend! Hugs for you too!

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Posted 2 days ago

Aww, thank you so much! You’re so sweet!

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Posted 2 days ago

I am fully aware.

Thing is, when we took them in, we did have the means to support them. Our financial situation was OK until a few months ago. My father lost his job and things have been going downhill since then. This has never happened before.

Still, they’re our first priority, and will always be. We’re going without things for us so we can provide for them, even if we go ourselves without things. They’re still going regularly to the vet, taking their medication and they’re all eating, even if it’s lower quality food. Me, my sister and my mom all take medication as well, which we’re going without regularly. We’re using makeshift cleaning supplies made from water and soap. I don’t know the last time I used real shampoo instead of scraping the little left in the bottle and mixing it with bath water. Last week, I couldn’t afford to take a bus to school. A bus. That’s about 1,50$ on here.

And, what’s the alternative? As I have said, they couldn’t be rehomed when we got them. What makes you think that they could be now, that they’re older and with us for years? Of course, there’s always the city pound, that’s no-kill, but it’s incredibly overpopulated and their quality of life would decrease a lot. Imagine living your whole life in a spacy house with a backyard and then b)eing stuffed in a cage with unknown animals. If you don’t believe me, you can always Google ” Centro de Zoonose de São Paulo”. Oh yeah, all of this is happening in Brazil. Our government supported facilities for animals are really subpar due to poor funding and a big stray animal problem. If they’re taken away from us, they’re not going to a better place, believe me.

To sum it up: would they be better off with someone that can supply better for them? Absolutely. Is there such a person or facility? No.

So, unless you offer to take them out of my hands and provide better for them than we are, asking for help is all I can do right now.

Thank you for understanding.