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My Shelter Needs Help!

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      Help Me Feed My Animals!      



Hi, everyone.

As many of you already know from interacting with me and my sister, our family runs a small, non-profit animal shelter in our house. We currently home 15 dogs and 25 cats, many of whom are disabled or cannot be rehomed for different reasons. (Chronic illness, violent behavior, etc.) Here are some of our babies.

Recently, we ran into deep financial trouble. We had to lay off our only helper and we’re doing everything on our own. It’s a pretty big space and with that many animals, there’s a lot to do. We practically clean non-stop. To make matters worse, we finally reached a point where we aren’t able to feed them and medicate them appropriately anymore. To put things into perspective, we ran out of cat litter and we have no idea when we’ll be able to buy some.

We’re all looking for jobs to do in addition to the housework, but these things don’t happen overnight. In the meantime, we need to keep feeding them, buying epilepsy medicine and paying a chemotherapy treatment for one of the dogs. We’re also handling some cases of kennel cough.

We need help. I set up a Paypal account and you can donate through this link. Any amount makes a difference, really! If you can’t donate, please reblog this so it reaches more people. This means the world to me and to my family. Thank you so much!

Hey everyone, I don’t like to keep calling attention to myself like that, but I could really use some help right now. My youngest kitty, Finn, has fallen sick and the vet bills aren’t going to be cheap. If you could reblog this so that it reaches more people, it’ll be great!
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Remember that time when ylvisgirly asked me and tetedetele to remake the “pigeon killing Bård” photo when we were in Bergen and this is all we could come up with 

This is the most beautiful picture I’ve ever been a part of.

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Oh, no, I didn’t! I’m sorry, I’ve just been so swamped with work lately! But I’ll see if I can upload them today, along with my audition :)

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My sister loves makeup and I’m often her guinea pig.

Check out this killin’ blue leopard print thing she did on my lips.

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Image missing






We were at my grandparents’ house for Easter today, and my brother brought along the Nintendo Wii for our cousins to play

Only he forgot the sensor bar :T the thing that makes the wii-motes work and junk

Then he remembered this crazy myth he heard basically said if you light two candles, they act as a sensor bar.



So if you ever lose or break the sensor bar, and don’t mind your TV looking like an offering to Satan, I recommend candles :I

I’ll remember that for the next time my sensor bar stuffs up…

This also works with flashlights, in case you don’t have any candles handy. c:

The “sensor” bar doesn’t actually have any sensors. The sensors are in the Wii-mote. The sensor bar is actually just a line of infrared LEDs that an IR camera in the Wii-mote can see, which means you can substitute other IR sources, like candles and flashlights.

Science, hail Satan.

livingylvis! We can get the Wii to work again!

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Hei hei, friend! I’m feeling mighty happy since I got into animation school. Sure, things are a little tough, having to manage it along with college and house chores, but I think I can do it, yes!

I’m going to write a big thing on how it’s going as soon as I have a little slack from all the work~

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Ohhh pretty~

And ajskdhskjah thank you so much, you’re the beautiful flower, you!

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Aaaahh thank you!! It’s a dream came true! 

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Just for the record, dudes, I don’t hate silly ships? I do them myself and they’re fun as heck the other day livingylvis I were talking about Fluttershy/Benson. You can’t say it wouldn’t be cute! Everyone has the right to crack ship as much as they want! My only beef with the whole Godecai situation was the “I’m above all this” attitude it reeked of (which I doubt that was intentional in the first place)

So, crack ship away, friends! It’s all in good fun!